The Ophcharge system is a support column for neighborhood groups or social clubs in which billing or collection procedures and agreements in points that go beyond the founding statutes, are often hampered by the lack of unanimity and in some cases, due to the lack of transparency.

This license allows members of the community to make payments quickly and efficiently, which may be verified by analysts assigned among the members themselves or approved directly by the system and updating their account statements. Likewise, the member will be able to print solvencies, neighborhood letters, identification cards and other documentation required by the community.

Likewise, the Assembly panel is created, which allows voting and upload live opinions on proposed topics, upload order points, post votes in real time and upload the conclusions and results of these, allowing all members, comment on issues in which, due to agenda problems, they may not be present, neither they nor their representatives.


• Manager: Can manage the information of each of the members, information about their homes or participation actions, upload new users, upload order points for the assemblies, verify the votes and comments issued by each of the members during the process, verify account statements and print payment reports and system uses. You can also upload the outstanding debts by user groups or in general to all users of the system.

• Accountant: It allows to reconcile the payments made through bank transfer or deposit by the users, as well as to verify the statements of account of each one of the members of the system.

•Associate or Neighbor owner: This user can, process their payments through a credit card or loading their transfer or deposit vouchers, print their account statements, print documentation issued by the community (such as letters of residence or identification cards) or access passes). He is also constantly notified about upcoming assemblies through newsletters sent to his associated email, being able to make votes and issue comments when they are in process, as well as see the results of this in real time.

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