With the OPHDATE Administrative Management System, the client will be able to offer and schedule their online appointments from their website. Your customers can access their services online and choose the representative, the day and time to carry out the service. Once the reservation process ends, the client receives a confirmation email and the employee a notification. The appointment appears immediately on your calendar and is synchronized on all your devices. Depending on the level contracted, our license includes:


• Administrator: You can manage the category of services, load services, assign analysts to each service, load available schedules, verify number of appointments for search periods, add users to the system and manage a general report on the functioning and operation of the platform and of the different users

• Analyst: It will be the user that will understand the client, so he will have the option to see the details of his next appointments or request the cancellation or reassignment of this.

• Assistant: Operator that will be able to verify the appointments of the day, call to confirm them, eliminate them or reassign them.

• Client: you can process your appointment within the time schedule available, first checking the details of the services offered and even being able to make inquiries within the item to be reserved. Subsequently, the appointment with the details of these will remain registered in your administrative panel, leaving you the option to cancel previously.


• Technical Sheet: The system has an optional panel, which allows the user who will attend the case (Analyst), to load all the details referring to the history of the patient, student or client in general. This history will be registered in the system and can be consulted when you want it from the device of your preference. Likewise, the analyst may attach documentation that can be seen by their clients in real time.

• Payment Panel: Likewise, the option of sending accounts payable to the client user is added, this being able to make payments by credit card, bank transfer or deposit.

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