Our administrative system allows owners of food establishments to control orders placed under a menu of dishes preloaded to the system, as well as monitor the times of preparation, service and delivery. Likewise, we offer the option for the customer to place their order online or from an authorized device within the establishment itself.


• Administrator: You can manage the product category, load products, determine if these will be served in the establishment or will be only for Delivery or both, manage the map of the available tables, areas of the establishment (Bar and Tables), create users in the different levels, enable or disable the delivery option and time, see in real time the orders generated in the system and handle a report with the amount of sales, inventory control and delivery times.

• Box office: You can create an order in the establishment, associating them with a customer (in the case of the drinks bar) or a table (or group of tables) and assigning them an associate waiter, you can also add or delete items to the order and close the same to proceed with the billing.

• Waiter: With an authorized mobile device and an order number issued by the Caja user, he can upload Items to his order and at all times appreciate the subtotal (Without taxes) of his order.

• Kitchen: View at all times, the orders made by the customer, sorted by group of emissions, as well as the details of each of the requests (For example, term of the meat, quantity of condiments). Once the order is ready, it selects that it was prepared and leaves the kitchen, to be served in the establishment or to be sent by Delivery. In the latter, the Delivery user that will handle the order must be selected

• Client: User who can make orders from home, viewing the available menu, make payments by credit card or transfer, monitor the status of their order and qualify the purchase later, to have more control over the quality of the service provided

• Delivery: Receive the order of the establishment and can see, from its panel, the exact address, contact number and other information of the buyer. When the order is delivered, it is marked as delivered before continuing with the next shipment.

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