Our Ophtravel system allows hotels to manage all the information regarding the reservation of rooms or common spaces in their facilities. It also allows you to load events, galleries of spaces, charges to the room, as well as monitor in real time, the occupation status of all your facilities.


• Manager: Upon access, the user can verify, enable or disable the rooms previously loaded by our analysts, in a convenient map, which allows you to edit the type of room, as well as its capacity. You can also edit the gallery of events and available spaces within the establishment. On the other hand, this user can constantly verify the reservations processed in the system, the rooms occupied by periods and handle a report on all the elements captured in the system, allowing him to constantly optimize his operation.

• Client: This user can, once they have started their session, make reservations or verify the actual availability of a room for a certain period of time. Also, when processing your reservation, you can make cancellations, print reservation vouchers or verify additional charges made during your stay.

• Receptionist: This user can start the execution of the reservation once the client presents himself to the hotel with his identification code. You can assign a room among the list of available for your case, and process additional charges during the period in which the user is in the facilities.

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